Your Journey from Zero to MØ

Who Runs RadioTutor?

Radio Tutor is run by Peter Barnes, MØSWN and Ben Chalmers, MØNBA

How is RadioTutor funded?

We are funded by donations, but are looking for sponsors to provide a reliable source of income

What happened to Hamtests?

The HamTests admins decided to close down the site in September 2018. When the site closed, they released their question bank to the public, which is what our questions at RadioTutor are based on. For more information from the Hamtests team, check out their website at

Can I help?

Sure, if you're a tutor, potential sponsor, or would like to help in any way, please feel free to get in touch

Is RadioTutor open source?

Yes! If you'd like to check out the code for this site, or help with its development, check out our github repository

Radio Tutor Ltd. Peter MØSWN Ben MØNBA